One Device, One Voice, Much Success

Doesn’t it make sense?
Through one device, you can generate multiple sources of income.
Through one device, you can build a massive audience.
Through one device, you can have a voice.
Doesn’t it make sense?

We live in a generation where a 7-year-old boy is making roughly $22 million a year just by using a device to record himself playing with and reviewing toys for kids to watch on youtube. Genius!

2019: The era of social media in its prime. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, etc., all have the power to make anyone rich with fame, power and financial freedom. Don’t hold on to an ego and ignore the opportunities that this ever-growing civilization has given to us. As this famous theoretical physicist once said:

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

Stephen Hawking
Lil Hank Williams A.K.A Yodeling Boy

Imagine using a simple device to spread the passion you share for something, then all of a sudden you explode and have all your dreams come into fruition. Well, this young man surely took advantage of the social media era and adapted to using that device, thus building a massive audience, multiple sources of income and having his voice heard. I mean come on, doing what you already love to do, only getting creative with it like Lil Hank yodeling at his local Walmart, led to him performing at Coachella? Doesn’t it make sense? Yes. Yes, it does.


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