5 Ways to Have a Healthy Mind

A healthy mind is essential to your health because your mind is what keeps you going. Sometimes we can find ourselves stressed, angry, and upset, and any of these in excess can damage our mental health.  Not having a healthy mind can result in lack of motivation, depression, continued anger, and other negative things.  Continue reading to learn more... Continue Reading →

One Device, One Voice, Much Success

Doesn't it make sense? Through one device, you can generate multiple sources of income. Through one device, you can build a massive audience. Through one device, you can have a voice. Doesn't it make sense? We live in a generation where a 7-year-old boy is making roughly $22 million a year just by using a... Continue Reading →

Exercise is Medicine

Most impact on health, least influenced. In healthcare today, the primary focus is on pills and procedures. HealthCARE? More like healthCURE, because cure has overshadowed care. Medicine has become a business; physicians get reimbursed for doing things, not talking to patients. This leads to unnecessary treatment/procedures. Over $200 billion is wasted annually on excessive testing... Continue Reading →

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